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Service Battery Charging System Gmc

Service Battery Charging System Gmc. Made it home and after turning car off, it would not start. The charging system drops voltage when the battery is charged.

Service Battery Charging System Gmc Acadia inspire ideas from ist-mind.org

If your gmc terrain’s battery light is on, it means a few things. Then the vehicle went into battery saving mode.i went to an an auto parts store and they tested the battery and the alternator. I thought it was the battery, so i took it to autzone, were they told me it was no longer a good battery.

Took It For A Short Drive.

The charging system drops voltage when the battery is charged. Ideal voltage is 14.6, but i have never actually seen it with a meter, usually 14.2 or less depending on the vehicle. Now as i am driving the vehicle down the interstate going 70 to 75 the cars computer conveniently shuts down my power steering and my abs breaks.

I Started It And It Ran For About 4 Minutes And Then The Service Battery Charging System Came Up, I Checked My Aeroforce Guage For Voltage And It Says That It Was At 12.1 Volts, Then When I Put The Truck In Gear And Put A Load On The Motor It Fired Right Up To 14.2 Volts.

I went and got it checked the battery is fine and the alternator is fine, i'm just curious to know if any of you know why? Now the car wouldn't start, just as with any dead. Could this be a bad alternator or fuse?

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I bought an used 2012 chevrolet traverse about 6 months ago. Output voltage to a charging voltage between 13.9 to 15.5 volts depending on the battery state of charge and estimated battery temperature. Discussion starter · #1 · sep 13, 2017.

From The 2014 Gm Repair Manual:

We started up the engine to charge the battery and got the error service battery charging system. If thats ok, then the switch or the circuit board is the problem. The most used is the charge mode:

• The Bcm Indicates There Is A System Voltage Range Concern.

This series of error codes and repair has been well documented here: Had problems with battery drain before, so i replaced it. The service battery charging system message can appear on your driver information center (dic).

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